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Gum disease



Junior member
Jul 25, 2021

I'm 36 years old and I've not been to dentist in about 20 years. I have 7 teeth either missing totally,or cracked or broken. I also have gum disease. I'm beyond terrified of going to dentist not through fear of needles etc but because Im afraid of the dentist being angry or judging me or saying I have worst teeth they have ever seen. This is seriously effecting my mental health so on Thursday I plucked up courage to make an appointment for end of month. I'm pretty sure all my teeth will need removed. Can I get immediate dentures If I have gum disease. Can gum disease heal whilst you have dentures in and then implants placed.

Thank you this forum has been a great help xx
Honestly we don't get angry or judgemental. Dentists are 'doers' by nature, we're usually more interested in working out how to fix problems than how the problems started, we do care about not letting all our work get wasted, so we will try to make sure you know what to do to prevent more disease.
Gum disease at 36 is not likely to require you to have all your teeth removed. Possibly some of them are beyond salvage due to other reasons.
You can have immediate dentures fitted, removing the teeth kind of fixes the gum disease pretty effectively, but I wouldn't be too pessimistic at this stage, wait till you've seen the dentist and take it from there.
Thank you so much Gordon you have really helped. Just got to get to the appointment now.
Hi MCCCT, ive just read your post and fully empathise with your plight. I too have gum disease (treated for the last 20years) and agree with Gordon, wait until you've seen your dentist and take it from there. Amazing things can now be done to save your teeth. I am under the care of a periodontist and with the aid of four monthly hygienist appointments my condition has been stable for many years.

Good luck!