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Gum growing over healing cap. #30.



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Mar 8, 2024
My crown came loose on my implant( had implant placed almost a year ago) and have to get another one ordered. Dentist placed a healing cap on implant site until my crown comes in. I know we usually don't have to be numbed for this part but my gum is growing over the healing cap. Will the Dentist have to remove or excise the gum tissue in order to remove the healing cap for my crown? Just wondering if I would need to be numbed for gum tissue removal
Sorry I don't do implants. As a best guess maybe a couple of drops of local into the gum area if it's needed, we're not talking about a full on rubber face experience :)
I always imagine the worst. Anxious. I pray a lot. It's never as bad as I make it out to be in my head. Anybody with experience in crown placement on implants, comments appreciated! 😁
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My last implant, the gums grew a bit over the healing cap. The dentist was able to move the gum to the side, enough to be able to put the crown on. It was much less gum than what I though I was seeing.
Thanks. Did he have to numb you?
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