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Gum growing over non-dissolvable stitches...should I be worried?



Junior member
May 22, 2013
Hi all, I had a molar tooth extracted (2nd one from back) on Friday afternoon, it is now Sunday morning here in Australia and I have noticed a white film has already formed over the extraction site which I assume is a sign it is starting to heal. However the white film seems to be encasing the stitches within it (this includes the knot aswell), they have to be removed as I have made an appointment with the dentist in a weeks time to have them out. Is this fairly normal? Or is it quite easy for the dentist to remove them even if the gum is starting to grow over the stitches? Thanks in advance for any help :)
Hi Nixnax,
chances are the sutures will be of the dissolving type, even though there is a review appointment scheduled to remove them.
even if they're not then dont worry as the gum swelling will be at its maximum right now. As it reduces the suture will become easier to see and remove later.
Thanks for your reply Rob, good to know its something I don't need to worry about.