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Gum over wisdom tooth



Well-known member
Jul 26, 2022
Hello, I have a bit of gum which is grown over my wisdom tooth but I can lift it up and see the tooth completely fine underneath it. Is it possible it could be cut or would the tooth need removing? Thank you
How old are you?
Normally it's the other way round, the wisdom tooth grows up under the gum until just a little piece is left. (Called the Operculum, if you want to be fancy).
In most cases, removing the tissue won't solve things as it does tend to grow back, removing the tooth is only an option if it causes problems (food gets pushed under it, setting off an infection, which makes it swell and then it gets chewed on and swells more and so on...).
Oh sorry that's probably it. I'm 20, it's been coming through for about a year but the gum bit now lifts up when I didn't really notice it before, food doesn't seem to get stuck under it at the minute though
That's good then. Just try to keep it as clean as you can, hopefully the wisdom tooth will come through a bit more and the gum will continue to shrink back.