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Gum pain after implant healing cap removed/reinserted



Mar 15, 2017
I had a lower front implant placed three months ago and my oral surgeon sent me to my dentist to get the crown done. I went yesterday, and my dentist unscrewed the healing cap, put in what felt like a long rod attachment, took an impression, and then put the healing cap back on. A few hours later my gums were sore, inflamed and painful. This morning the pain is not as bad, but the soreness is still there. I left a message for the dentist to call me back but I am not sure if this is normal? Could it be the dentist tightened the healing cap too tight and is now bothering my gums?
Hi, hopefully by the time you read this your problem will be resolving. sometimes, when the healing cap is removed the gums can rapidly contract. this means that when the healing cap is replaced it stretches the gums making them temporarily uncomfortable. Very occasionally a tiny bit of gum is trapped under the cap.
either way, the good news is that the discomfort pretty much always settles by itself.
do tell the dentist though because they will need to fit the finished crown very slowly to avoid the same problem recurring.