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Gum pain + Brown stains at top of teeth (picture included)



Junior member
May 14, 2024
Ironton, Ohio
Hi! Okay so, I am constantly worrying about my teeth, but I feel like this is warranted. By my back teeth, the gum there keeps randomly causing me pain for weeks on end. It will lift up by the tooth and peel and be a nuisance. But now there’s a hole in it + PAIN! I’m also concerned about the brown stains on my teeth. I don’t brush my teeth much or at all because of depression and also this weird shaky and fearful feeling I get when I go to do it. I’m riddled with anxiety at the thought that I could be getting a cavity…
What happened to the picture?
I’m not sure why the picture is gone, but here it is (again).


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It's hard to be certain from a photo but it looks like this is the flap of gum over an unerupted wisdom tooth. It's a little bit swollen looking so the upper teeth are hitting on it and causing a little bit of trauma.
The brown marks just look like stains to me.
Thank you! I really appreciate it.