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Gum pain near wisdom tooth but can't see any particular redness/swelling



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Sep 25, 2019
For the last 5 days I've been feeling some mild gum pain near my wisdom tooth, whenever something touches the gums or i move my mouth in a weird way. It's definitely gum pain doesn't feel like a toothace, and i had my gum back there irritated before, except usually it goes away in a day or so. And it's very mild, just very annoying.

Thing is, I can't really see any specific irritation when i pull it back.

I'm rinsing regularly with water and salt, but so far it has only improved in the mildest way.

I really don't want to go back to the dentist just after my last issues were solved :/ any chance this is something that will resolve on its own?

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A bit of food has worked its way into the space under the gum. It might clear up itself or it might not. Can't be more definite than that I'm afraid, sorry.
@Gordon Almost two week now, and the feeling has significantly decreased, i can eat on that side and not feel anything. BUT if i poke at the flap that cover my tooth it still hurts just a tiny bit.

Can I just leave it like this or do i need to go to the dentist?

I'm really scared they'd want to pull my wisdom tooth :/
It's fine you don't need a dentist. No, you're in the UK, we don't randomly swipe wisdom teeth here unless they're causing repeated problems.