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Gum recession and bone loss



Junior member
Jul 23, 2020
Hi all. I used to have a major dental phobia back about 12 years ago and had to be sedated to have a bunch of work done. Lots of fillings and 6 crowns and root canals. The phobia got some better but then got worse again especially when I started having gum bleeding that wouldn't get better. They basically blamed it on me not brushing and stuff correctly despite me having several health conditions that can cause it. Which made my phobia come back. After my first child was born I noticed that the front teeth with crowns had majorly shifted and the gums were recessed a lot. Went back and they said boneless and gum recession and did a deep cleaning. I saw several more dentists about getting the crowns replaced and to see my options. One wanted to do another deep cleaning. Another wanted to do over $10,000 worth of work plus send me for braces before addressing the crowns. Another said he could replace the crowns and do more crowns on top to make my smile look better. Around that time I found out i was pregnant with my second child so I just let it go. I kept going to a periodontist for cleanings but they kept giving me a new hygienist who took a long time and hurt me every time she cleaned me (unlike anyone else there or anywhere else) and that made my phobia act up. Now here I am with a toddler and baby and I'm severely depressed over my teeth. I've made an appointment with the dentist that helped me years ago but I don't think they will be willing to help me. Last time they wanted the gums better and they just aren't getting better no matter what I do. And the longer I deal with it the worse the depression gets. I'm scared if they won't help me this time then I will fall into an even deeper depression.