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Gum recession worries with new dentist



Junior member
Jun 16, 2015
I had a period of about 2-3 years without seeing a dentist and ended up finding a new one about 6 months ago. They found about 8 cavities or soft spots for drilling on the first visit and took care of all that. My primary concern is gum recession on my lower front teeth. I asked the dentist how my gum recession looked and he said "it looks fine." I have a cleaning scheduled within 2 months.

My previous dentist in the past had always specifically pointed out the gum recession so I'm worried if this new dentist would even tell me if I need to see a periodontist. The recession isn't as bad as some of the google images so I might just be paranoid...but there is noticeable recession. Most dentists will tell you if your recession has reached a point of needing a specialist, right?

My specific concern is shown in the below 2 images (these are not pics of my mouth). The first one shows the gingival groove and how it's shaped around each tooth. The second image shows how the gingival groove has kind of gotten pushed to the side by a neighboring gingival groove (the drawn lines show the change, ignore the color difference).

In my case, this is happening on 1 or 2 of my front bottom teeth. It might just be something temporary or something I didn't notice for awhile....but does this sound like a really bad sign for gum recession or is it pretty common? The free gingiva hugging those 1-2 teeth is a bit swollen (usually it isn't). I just woke up this morning with this swelling. I grind my teeth at night (need to get a mouth guard); could that cause a swollen gingiva on only certain teeth? I'm hoping this is temporary or can be cleared up without a periodontist.

But if it's a bad sign (requiring a periodontist) and he tells me "it looks fine" again, I will try to find a new dentist.

I may be able to take a picture of my actual gums if that helps. I wasn't sure if that's commonly done on this forum (I'm new here).


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Mar 19, 2015
Ask your dentist about tooth pockets - he should have measured them as part of your evaluation. If they are more than 3mm, you will want to talk about possible gum disease. Recession can be caused by gum disease (gums get inflamed, then recede when they're properly treated, repeat over many times and your gums will recede a lot).