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gum removal to fix a crown that has a low margin



Jan 26, 2014
I have had a crown with pain for almost a year. i have been to several dentists with no clear solution.

The dentist I saw today said that the margin may be too low and suggested that I TRY gum surgery.

He said that perhaps the gum is sensitive to the margin? and that i can have the gum moved lower.

This seems really foreign to me and I plan or researching it before making any decisions but wanted to know if anyone has heard of this and if they can give me some information.

THank you
It is called biologic width. Everyone needs some space from the edge of bone to any crown or filling that is placed. It is also possible that the crown is too fat.
is this something that can be fixed with gum surgery to remove the gum?

is that an easy procedure?

I would think it would be easier (on me) to put some filling on the old margin and then redo the margin higher, is that possible?
It can not be patched. It requires a surgical approach that typically involves a small flap and removal of a little bone. Not a big deal for someone who knows what to do.