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Gum sensitivity



Jan 10, 2024
My last visit to the dentist was two weeks ago. During the visit, I had a check up, clean and examination with X-rays (bitewing and 360 degree). The dentist also gave me a fluoride treatment.
As a bit of background, I hadn’t had a clean for over 10 years at the dentist, due to extreme anxiety. I was put on a regime of brushing twice a day with NeutraFluor paste and flossing at night, which I have been doing religiously since.
Ever since my clean at the dentist I have had what I can only describe as “tooth awareness”, that is I seem to be more sensitive to things. My bottom front teeth feel a bit different. Almost loose, but I know that’s not really the case. My gums are also quite sensitive.

The dentist said I would be less sensitive with the new toothpaste. My teeth feel okay (apart from the front bottoms), no pain. I have some cavities to be filled over the next few months, but it is unusual to feel this gum sensitivity with NeutraFluor? The dentist did not mention any gum disease to me, which I’m sure she would have as she is very thorough. Should I be worrying about this?
It's not unusual to feel sensitive after a cleaning, especially if you've not had one for years. The gums will have swollen a bit due to early gum disease caused by the plaque. As things heal, the swelling will go down and some root surface will be exposed which was covered by swollen gum. This can give rise to slight sensitivity issues.
If it's bothering you then switch to a desensitising toothpaste at night for a few days and it'll go away.
Thanks so much @Gordon. That’s a relief to read. I thought that maybe I was going too hard on the brushing regime. 😏