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Gum Soreness Weeks After Removal - Normal?



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Sep 16, 2016
Three weeks ago I had my wisdom, upper secondary molar, and lower secondary molar (impacted) all out. It's been a nerve-wracked few weeks as I've dealt with the physical trauma and trying not to rush to the phone and cry to my doctor over every little thing.

Recently I went in to get some bone slivers removed (after reading here that it was pretty normal; whew.) However it turned out most of my pain was coming from the 'boney socket' (I think I'm remembering that right) sharply poking my cheek. It was smoothed out, but I'm starting to feel a little pain again and LOTS of tenderness. If I reach up I can even feel the bone. Is this normal? Should I be going back again to the dentist? I really don't want to keep bothering him. He said that this isn't uncommon but if that's the case, when does it go away? Does it ever? Is there permanently going to be some exposed bone?

(Edit to add: I'm reaching out here because part of my dental phobia involves fear of making dentists angry at me. I know it's irrational... But I can't help it. So I'm reluctant to call the office and ask questions; especially since some of the nurses have already been rather short with me for doing just that.)
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Hi they shouldn't be short with you, you are the customer and are entitled to ask as many questions as you need to. :)