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Gum Stitches, possibly dissolvable.. pls read!



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Jan 5, 2022
so i will be having surgery to remove my odontoma, i found an AMAZING dentist, going under general anesthesia, but have one tiny little fear- stitches in the gum. i’ve read on here some not so good stories about gum stitches, and i just need to know what to expect. preferably from someone who has had them and can be 100% honest… dentists?

attached is my xray!


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I have had dissolvable stitches for multiple different oral surgeries, and while on occasion they have irritated my gums a small amount, the really only trouble that I have had is the annoying/irritating feeling of when they are starting to dissolve, but aren’t fully dissolved enough to come out. But overall, I haven’t had any major negatives regarding dissolvable stitches
I have had them many times, with extractions and apicoectomies. During the initial healing process, you won’t really even notice them. They won’t hurt or anything. Once the gums are starting to heal more, and the stitches stay dissolving, they can get a bit annoying but nothing bad.
I've had them after getting my wisdom teeth out. This was back in the dark ages so non-dissolving silk sutures were used. Apart from being a bit annoying (it felt sometimes like I had a hair stuck in my mouth) they were no trouble. Getting sutures out is dead easy, for some reason people are terrified of it but it's such a non-event.
Purely personally, I much rather putting in non-dissolving sutures, that way I decide when they fall out, rather than the somewhat random nature of dissolving ones, but I'm in a minority of dentists with that one.