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Gum swelling lateral incisor - advice needed (photo attached)



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May 18, 2020
I have spoken to a dentist about issues I am having with an area of my gum, a treatment of corsodyl moutwash 4 times daily for 5 days was suggested which gave me a bit of a reaction in another area so I was then prescribed antibiotics to clear it.

The issue still has not gone away even though I am practicing good oral hygiene (electric toothbrush twice a day, sensodyne toothpaste, teepee brushes of varying sizes, occasional salt wash.)

Although the dentist assumed a regular inflammation (they wouldn't receive a photo), as it hasn't cleared up in past month or more, is quite sore and throbs at different points in the day I wondered if it might be some kind of canker sore or allergy perhaps. I have orabase if reccommended?

I would really really appreciate some advice and knowing what to do next to resolve this issue? I am anxious as to why it is not going away and if it is causing damage in the process.

Swelling on inside of mouth around lateral incisor (on the left when looking directly at photo) Excuse coffee staining.


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I should also probably mention I am a very nervous around dental issues and so experiencing high anxiety posting on this platform again even though you are all so supportive.
Sorry can't see anything unusual on that photo, can you try again? It's not a canker sore, they last a maximum of 2 weeks.
Just to clarify, you definitely mean the left lateral incisor?
Hi Gordon, thank you for your reply. Although I have tried using a mirror and head torch I haven't been able to get a clearer shot of this unfortunately so I will do my best to explain. I have circled the area on the photo that is causing the discomfort.

I can see and feel a raised gum line directly around the tooth. As I mentioned this area often throbs. It looks like an ok colour which is why I was not unduly concerned but it is the throbbing that concerns me and if I rub my tongue or finger gently on the palette around that area it feels sore as does the that are of gum line, as though the gum and hard palette are more pronounced there. Dare I say it but that side feels different not just in terms of by touch but the senses in my mouth are all focused here, and so it feels swollen and when my tongue naturally makes contact with that area of the hard palette throughout the day and night it brings my awareness to its soreness.

Eating or drinking (hot or cold) doesn't hurt at all, if anything it provides a much welcome distraction form feeling this sensation. My dentist appointments have just been cancelled so I fear I need to work on this myself for a bit longer.

Things I am doing:
I use Sensodyne in case it was a disagreement with SLS.
Teepee brush and floss gently both once per day in the evening.
Since yesterday I am rinsing with salt water 3x times a day after eating to keep the area clean.
Drinking plenty of water and warm green tea throughout the day.
Avoiding spicy food.

Again, I wouldn't be overly concerned if it wasn't for the fact that I have been aware of this for over a month and tried different things to resolve. If its not a canker sore, then you might say this is a common area for an inflammation 'attack', and it takes time for it to heal each time, in which case I will persevere with what I am doing. I think I just need some expertise here.


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Did this just start recently, or has it been like this for a long time?

If it recently started improved hygiene may improve it.
It could be some kind of trauma, but it's pure guesswork without actually examining you. Hopefully when dentists are a bit more open next week you can get somebody to check it out for you.
Hi Gordon, sadly this swelling has also reached the interdental papilla as well being along the gum and roof of my mouth. Desperately trying to get some kind of dentist appointment but they aren't ready to open yet due to a lack of equipment. Could it be an abscess? The palate around it and gum line feels very sore and the tooth feels pressured.


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No, an abscess usually comes out on the lip side, the boney plate there is much thinner so it's easier for the infection to burst through. It might be that something has got stuck in the gum there, my son once managed to get a sliver of pear skin slid up the gum between the tooth and socket, which set up a nice little localised infection.
Thanks Gordon, I didn't know if you were interested in a follow up to conclude-ish my journey of enquiry with you.

I saw my dentist today who examined me and she is perplexed as to what it could be, she suggested maybe my hormones, maybe trauma at some point like you said, or maybe a reaction to something. She took an Xray and could see that the tooth by the root is a inflammed a bit so could tell that that area has been under some stress/pressure. She suggested Corsodyl toothpaste (not the dreaded skin peeling mouthwash experience I had) and salt water washes X4 per day until swelling goes down. I am to keep an eye on it and go back in four months. She didn't know what else to suggest and couldn't see anything to link it now, no plaque, no hole, no cavity etc.

I wanted to really thank you from the bottom of my heart as these past couple of months have felt really mouth traumatic and anxiety ridden and yet you have responded to me kindly, openly and honestly each time. You have provided me with a platform to share my worries and I have felt not only that you are very talented in your area but that you care, and that's what makes you great. Thank you.
It is a weird one, if you still get a reaction to the Corsodyl paste, then try Difflam instead.

Thanks so much for the update.
Hi I’m having exactly the same problem the roof of my mouth behind my front teeth is so so sore and hurts I’ve been gargling with salt water and living on pain killers and I also went to the dentist who did a X-ray as this soreness is behind a tooth that is crowned and root canalled but he says there is no infection there he gave me Difflam to gargle with but it’s still so sore