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Gum swelling under tooth with just replaced filling



Junior member
Apr 7, 2019
Hello everyone,
Earlier this year I had to have an apicoectomy to remove an abscess under tooth 19. I wasn't really scared of the dentist before this, but the pain after my surgery was horrible and took months to go away. Now anything with my teeth sends me into high alert. Not long after the surgery, the molar on the right side of my mouth, 31, began aching. The dentist said that it was just a loose filling, and redid it about 3 weeks ago. The filling is replaced now but the tooth still aches and burns. It will hurt very badly for a few days, and then go away, then come back. I've also been having pain on biting and chewing. The dentist said it was a bite issue and ground the tooth down a bit. I guess it helped a little but there is still pain. Now, it feels like the gum under the tooth is swelling. I can poke the gum and while it doesn't hurt to do so, the tissue feels loose and movable. I'm so terrified that this is another abscess. The dentist did a periapical xray of the tooth sometime before she replaced the filling, about a month ago now. She said that everything looked fine and that there was no abscess in the tooth. Could things have changed since then? I am so anxious, and I think the dentist is sick of me at this point.
Yes, of course things can change, if you're having pain and symptoms then the dentist needs to check, so at least another x-ray would seem sensible.