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Gypsy Lane dental practice Early, Reading Berks - my new dental haven??



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Oct 1, 2010
In dental heaven
Hello to all on the site.

After much deliberation, I have finally entrusted Gypsy Lane in Early to take on my dental care; my cleanup under sedation takes place on the 25th November, so wish me luck!!

I will be looked after by a guy named Hitesh Chandegra, who is simply LOVELY!! His kindness and patience since I first met him has been exemplary, as has his team. My recent examination with him was the best experience ever - he held my shoulder throughout, and did not let go until I left the chair, and he held my hand at reception!! He really is a true samaritan, and I would urge anybody to give him a fair try at least once. Well done Hitesh.
Thanks also to the team at Blueberry in Bracknell who helped me get to this stage. I have remained on their books in case of problems in the future (such as if my dentist moved on or gave up practice etc). They are an excellent team, but cannot offer the sedation and aftercare facilities that Gypsy Lane have been able to offer.

The websites are: Gypsy Lane - smiledentalcare.co.uk ; Blueberry - blueberrydental.co.uk

Hope this helps anyone else, and will let you all know how things go!! (But it looks promising)

Simon (Surreyvwphobic) xx ;D