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Had #19 molar removed 2 days ago and have had weird looking white stuff in hole



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Oct 13, 2011
Had #19 molar removed 2 days ago and have had weird looking white stuff in hole

Hi, I just found this site and I'm hoping someone can help me. I had the #19 molar extracted Monday afternoon. By 11 p.m. Monday night, I had a lot of strange looking white stuff in the extraction site. It looked something like the silver skin you might find in a piece of meat. I took a damp Q-tip and lightly swirled it across the top of the hole and got a little of it out. When I looked at it up close, it looked somewhat stringy. I am on antibiotic because the dentist said there was an infection in the tooth and I'd been taking the antibiotic for 4 days prior to the extraction. On Tuesday, the oral surgeon's office called to see how I was doing. When I asked them about this white stuff, the girl said she didn't know what it might be, but as long as I wasn't having any pain, I shouldn't worry about it. Later that day, I went to see the regular dentist (the one who'd referred me to the surgeon). He looked at it and said it looked like the oral surgeon had packed the hole with something. I told him he hadn't done that...once he had pulled the tooth, I was just given gauze to bite down on to stop the bleeding. So, basically I've been told by the regular dentist and the oral surgeon's office that no one seems to know what this stuff is. I've asked if it could be the infection coming out, but was told "No," because there would be pain associated with infection. I've been using the warm saltwater rinses for 2 days now and this stuff keeps coming back. Now it looks like little white fingers kind of reaching up from the hole. I know this may sound really nuts, but it's starting to concern me. I've spoken to friends who've had extractions and they say they've never had anything like this. My husband has had all of his teeth pulled for dentures and he's never seen anything like it either. Is anyone out there familiar with what this might be?? Thanks for "listening."
Dr. Daniel

Dr. Daniel

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Nov 2, 2010
The Hague , Holland
Re: Had #19 molar removed 2 days ago and have had weird looking white stuff in hole

I assume that it is very confusing to hear all these differnet opinions.
I agree with the girl from the office, pain is a good indication if anything went wrong after the extraction. The white stuff can be a material that comes out the healing process like keratin. Sometimes the gums look a bit white and bulby around the extraction site.
It is also important to understand that it is difficult to compare other people experiences, each case is something else.
I see two options for you: either waiting a bit longer until it totally heals or go see the surgeon for a check up. All in all, it sounds to me that it is going on the right track :D