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Had 3 teeth removed on Thursday still in discomfort and strange feeling on my gums



Junior member
Aug 20, 2022
Had 3 teeth removed Thursday still discomfort and strange feeling on my gum unable to eat properly so on mashed foods how long it take for them to heel
And stop hurting ? I’m awaiting the teeth to be replaced with a denture but will be fitted in two weeks as was not ready just wondered how people cope with a denture and am I gonna be in pain again
Sorry new in this forum and my husband is no support as he says it’s my own thought for not looking after them
I’m first place which I now is some
Of the case but I had a phobia of dentist for years x
I can't comment on the denture, but discomfort can be normal, I've found it depends on the teeth - difficult roots, the process of extraction (easy/hard) etc, all sorts can play a part.
Pain that worsens over time could indicate an infection or dry socket - something needing looking at by your dentist.

I had a tooth out Monday and still feel odd twinges - I think this is normal as my mouth is in a state of repair.. (but I also worry it was the wrong tooth!)

What bothers me is ppl having no compassion. Making others feel worse when they're suffering already is quite inconsiderate imo. I'm sure your husband loves you but his handling of this could be better/more supportive.
Try not to feel bad for your situation, I'm sure all of us would've done things differently if given another chance, focus on the fact you're trying to put this right now, you need to heal not feel worse x
Thank you x I will give a few days and if still getting discomfort I will check with dentist
Husband never be supportive where it comes to me and teeth/health but that’s another story x thanks for the support I no I’m not alone x