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Had a terrible experience at the dentist today :(

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Jun 8, 2015
Hi everyone, new here.
So today I tackled my fear and finally went to the dentist. I had to go to the emergency dentist the other week as my gums felt so swollen it was unbearable, I got diagnosed with gingitivis and was told my teeth were great and no work needed doing which is amazing seeing as I haven't been for 8 years!
So I went away feeling quite happy and relieved no major work needed doing, I had a scale and polish done which just felt awful but definitely made my teeth feel a bit cleaner. I stopped worrying about my teeth and just kind of got on with these, however these past couple of weeks I've had the tendency to bite my lip over and over again to check my teeth aren't loose. I suffer from OCD so have these sort of compulsions quite frequently. However whilst I was checking my teeth I've noticed if I push my tongue on the top of my front teeth it kind of 'pops', it happens when I eat sometimes too and when I bite my lip so obviously this sent me in to a frenzy and I managed to find a dentist I could register with and thought it was about time I got over my fear of the dentist as the emergency one wasn't too bad really and got the appointment with my new dentist pretty sharpish. Great I thought at least I won't have to worry much longer. Well today was the day of my appointment and wow am I shocked. I went in and she asked why I was here so I said I hadn't been for 8 years because of my dental phobia and then mentioned this tooth clicking thing and told her I'm a bit of a tooth grinder she had a really worried look on her face which nearly sent me in to a frenzy right off the bat. She examined my teeth and literally YANKED at my front one the one I was complaining about without any warning and pretty much called me crazy as there is no movement! She then proceded to prod around my mouth for a bit and whilst doing that she started shouting at me and said 'I don't get why you have not been for 8 whole years. I mean you must have been a child then so why on earth no one dragged you I do not know!' This really hit a nerve with me as 8 years ago my father passed away and the last thing on mine and my mums mind was to go for my check ups I had a lot going on and I've always have had a phobia of the dentist, I know she wasn't to know but I just couldn't believe how judgemental she was and was very nearly in tears at this point. After she finished being so rude and prodding around my mouth she then went on to say I have a shadow on my back tooth, I literally had no idea what this meant so had to ask her and she said I would need a filling doing and I would need it soon otherwise I'm putting that tooth at risk and might eventually lose it! She printed off a treatment plan for me and said I would need an X-ray to determine what's going on with my front tooth so I walked off feeling utterly awful and not at all eased by anything she said. I'm supposed to go back next Monday for my filling and X-ray but I don't really want to go and might just cancel and find someone else who can do it and is much nicer as I dread to think what she'll be like when she's actually doing work on my teeth. I just can't face it and feel sick to my stomach at the thought of her prodding around my mouth again. I'm still so worried about this clicking tooth and feel even more worried now. Such a vile woman and can't believe she's allowed to run her own dental practice I feel terrible and keep having mini panic attacks after what she said.
Thank you for reading just really needed a rant I feel so fed up :shame:
Definitely find another dentist. There are some very nice and competent dentists out there. Ask your friends and co-workers for referrals if you can. BTW- I have two teeth that seem to move a bit when I nag them with my tongue and nothing is wrong with them. Teeth have ligaments and can move a bit if you wiggle them (even with your tongue).