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Had facial filling .. went to the dentist first time since 2017 last week and everything’s going wrong 😞



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Nov 13, 2023
So I just got a new dentist after a string of “filling- filling- crown- root canal- extraction” teeth. This dentist has put a crown on for me which seems fine. Last Thursday I went for 3 replacement fillings that were facial fillings on the gum line of 5,28,30.
The fillings are half the size of the teeth when he said they were just to fill receding gum line. All are very gritty. But real issue is that from 28-31 my gums were torn up, swollen and weird white tissue when he finished. It literally looks like a chemical burn or something. Could this be from the bonding agents or ?? I’ve had a lot of fillings and never had this type of damage to my gums. The gums@ 30 is extremely painful now on day 5. The filling is hanging over past my gums more than before filling and if I floss it goes right under the front of the filling. Also while flossing a tiny piece came out between 28/27 where he filled, I guess it was overhang but I can see the black dot where it’s empty 😞. I’m afraid to say all these things wrong when he was already very annoyed at the amount of injections before giving up numbing. But my face and jaw are still numb & tingly on day 5 and I’m afraid that the real reason I “ never got numb” and just toughed it out was actually an infection that is now sealed up in there. 😞 what should I do? I don’t want to seem like I’m complaining but also these are the only teeth I have… pic of white tissue /gums that look crazy almost 6 days later.. I might have bad teeth but I have always had healthy gums. Now both look awful. HELP! TIA3AAA1827-F2D2-4B62-9B2D-BFBA0B943996.jpegACFD51F7-52C0-4723-8210-F9D2D27D5C45.jpegCF030477-EF9B-4115-B429-7ACE1384D215.jpeg
The white stuff on the gums is a chemical burn. It'll heal up fairly quickly. If you can get hold of some Difflam rinse that'll help it heal faster. Avoid stuff like Listerine, it's got a lot of alcohol in it which will not help.
The fillings don't look great, I can't see any alternative to going back and getting them tidied up a bit.

You probably don't want to hear this either, but lip piercings do bad things to your gums...
Thank you. I know I’ve been hearing about my piercing being bad for the enamel since 2007🫣 it’s not near my gums but sits against my top front teeth(I have a serious overbite) I take no offense😁 With that said, should I not proceed with the same doctor going by the quality of work? I am trying to save my teeth even though I hate going to the dentist because this always happens. I’m especially afraid now since he couldn’t the area numb and it hurt so bad to do 😞 it’s been a week and everything really hurts. How long does it take for these burns to go away or at least improve? My gums are really swelling up now. Thank you so much for answering !
I know I’ve been hearing about my piercing being bad for the enamel since 2007🫣 it’s not near my gums but sits against my top front teeth(I have a serious overbite) I take no offense😁
It's more the gums but whatever :)

As for the dentist... anyone can have a bad day. Give them one more chance to sort things and then take it from there maybe?
I'd expect the gums to get better fairly soon, within a few days really. Can't be exact about it, sorry!
@Gordon thank you! I’m just repeating what dentists say when they see it. I’m sure it can effect both. I’ll consider myself lucky. I’m not sure how to roll out a laundry list without sounding like I’m just complaining about everything. I already flossed out pieces of the new fillings on two separate occasions since Thursday 😣 the floss wasn’t sticking so I though I was good..but apparently not. I know how annoyed he was at the time it took so I can’t imagine he’ll be please to hear all these problems 😩 I think I’ll tell them tomorrow. There’s no way I’m letting him around these burns right now even after a week the pain is awful. Thank you for all your help !
Good luck! Keep me posted as to how you get on.