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Had Molar and Wisdom tooth taken out yesterday, help



Junior member
Jul 18, 2014
I had a rotten molar that was heavily decayed and the wisdom tooth above it extracted yesterday. It is 24 hours later, and I woke up this morning with a bunch of blood in my mouth. the oral surgeons secretary said this was normal... so okay.

What's bothering me now is today, i started the gentle salt water rinsing. Now, I have a strange salty taste coming from the extraction site and if i pull my check back and put my hand over my mouth and nose, it smells kinda funny. I don't know if this is normal for day one for it to smell a bit and to taste salty considering i've started the salt water rinsing. I am hoping the smell is just the fact that I had major oral surgery (one rotten molar and a wisdom tooth above). This was on the top half of my mouth, in the back on the right.

However, I know dry socket is a posibility.. It is my worse fear, epecially in this situation. I had an Infection that was draining through the tooth prior to the extractions, but I was told by my dentist that if i had the tooth pulled, theren'd be no more infection. I am on the antibiotic keflex, it's my second course because it didn't stop the infection the first time round.

I am really scared and hoping for a simple answer to this. This oral surgeon is only in town two days out of the month, and with the weekend coming up, i'd have no way to get a dry socket packed. the hospital doctors here don't do dental things. Sometimes my saliva has a brown tint today but i assumed that's old dead blood draining, but i don't know

I have anxiety and OCD... can anyone offer me any assurance? Perhaps from prior experience? The last thing I want is a dry socket. not on the weekend, because there's no way to have it treated. I've heard that the hospital uses on call dentists... but they're not on call during the weekend. i'm not sure.

Am I going to be okay? Is what i'm experiencing normal?

Much Love,

- Tom


Jan 21, 2016
Central IL, USA
I know it has been a few days, but hopefully this post finds you doing well and could potentially help someone in the future.

I too probably would have panicked if I woke up with a mouthful of blood :giggle: The first few days after my extractions (I had a wisdom tooth and decayed molar on the bottom pulled, as well as a wisdom tooth directly above it), I had to sleep pretty much sitting straight up to help reduce bruising and swelling, so I don't think I had anything like that happen.

Honestly, if you had dry socket, you would know it (unless you have an unheard of pain tolerance level). I think as long as you follow the instructions given to you by your dentist, avoid straws or sucking motions as well as carbonated beverages and smoking, you should be okay.

As far as your saliva having a brown tint, it could be dried blood working its way loose from the nooks and crannies between your teeth (especially if you woke up that first morning with a mouthful of blood). It could also be from something you're eating - I noticed brown tinged saliva anytime I drink dark sodas, like pepsi or dr.pepper.

Worse come to worse, When it comes to packing dry sockets, you don't necessarily need the oral surgeon - Most dentists that do extractions would also know about dry socket and how to treat it. My sister in-law ended up with dry socket after her wisdom teeth (though I think she was using straws too soon), couldn't reach the oral surgeon, and ended up just going to her regular dentist who packed it and helped with pain meds until she could get in to see the surgeon.