Had my first appointment today!



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Apr 26, 2021
So, I posted in support section earlier today I was going for my appointment today...
Guess what? I just got back from my appointment, alive and all in one piece🤣 I did cry a little when doc came in to say hi and start the exam...

Only had x-rays done today and got antibiotics for swelling due to abscess from cavities. I have an appointment next Friday for three extractions. I also need two wisdom teeth removed. I will be taking one step at a time.

Doctor took x-rays first then look at then before looking into my mouth. I think that made me feel a little less embarrassed since he had some idea of the condition of my mouth before actually looking in my mouth.

The doctor and staff were suuuuupeeeer comforting and understanding. Did not make me feel bad for neglecting my dental problems.

If you are reading this and still
scared, please do not wait! It’s not too late!


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Apr 27, 2021
Thanks for your experience, Jinney! I'm going in for my first root canal this morning and I'm totally terrified. Anxiety disorder sucks, but add dental phobia to it and you have a real mess. So glad to hear your appointment went well and wishing you luck for your next. Please update us on how you're doing.

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