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Had my first cleaning in about a decade



Junior member
Oct 8, 2018
So after having to get a root canal and a wisdom tooth extracted, this new dentist I’m going to asked me when the last time was that I’d had a cleaning. I honestly couldn’t remember. Probably 10 years give or take.

Cleanings really stress me out, even more than getting a filling. The last cleaning I had was painful and my gums bled. I’ve gotten very diligent about flossing though so my gums are in better shape these days.

I was super nervous for the cleaning. They gave me this mouthwash to use that numbs your mouth and gums. Then the hygienist used an ultrasonic (water) cleaning tool and then scraped off the tartar and polished.

I was impressed. I had very little discomfort. She said my teeth weren’t that bad given how long it had been. She said I didn’t need a deep cleaning.

I had some severe yellow stains on my front bottom teeth (they are too sensitive for whitening) and some brown stains on some top teeth. She got all that staining off. I haven’t seen my bottom teeth this white for years.

I’m pleased with the results and very pleased that it wasn’t a painful experience like my last cleaning.
Congratulations! Great job. Hope you can move forward now.