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Had my first cleaning today in over 18 years.



Aug 31, 2012
So the first step to my oral health was getting my teeth cleaned. It was a piece of cake. Lots of tugging and scraping but she removed years of stain and buildup. I can actually feel individual teeth in the front instead of a solid wall on the back. Next visit is Oct 2nd for a good polishing. Then the next visit will be to take care of a couple small upper cavities. We will eventually get to a lower 2ndolar extraction and one crown. My fear is of the numbing sensation on my tongue. Feel like I can't breathe. But today was the first of the baby steps. Yay me!!!
Here they are after cleaning
great to hear you got your cleaning done! :) i can imagine how much better you feel, for sure.

i've never had a cleaning, far as i know. i'm 32 soon. yikes, eh? but thankfully there is very minimal plaque buildup other than around my molars on the rear right side. suppose after i get all my 'fixin' done, i'll get that cleaning done.

the link to the photo you posted isn't working for me. i don't have an Iphone, and it just takes me to a page to sign up for apps and such.
Yeah for some reason it won't let me upload the photo :(