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Had to deal with a short notice appointment



Sep 28, 2009
So in March Dr Mike posted this

"Just a quick post to say WELL DONE to Lyndz!
You did really well today!
I'm sure you'll give everyone the low-down later, but as far as I'm concerned- despite one part of the treatment being a bit trickier and taking a little longer than I originally thought- everything went really well. You were a superstar and took it all in your stride! You were even laughing at the TV at points! Can you believe it?- laughing during dental treatment!!!
You've proved to yourself that you can do it. Any appointments from now on will get easier and easier.
I'm so pleased for you! WELL DONE!!
I'll speak to you later on.
Dr Mike"

and he was right went in this morning with tooth ache and very nervous and was given laughing gas and had to have a treatment on a tooth and it wasnt as bad as i thought and was surprised i wasnt freaking out.

Thanks Mike :)