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Hairline Crack / Cavities! D:



Junior member
Apr 25, 2015
Sacramento, CA
Hello! I recently aka this morning, took a nice look at my teeth as I usually do, and for the first time saw I had hairline cracks! Yikes! On one of my front teeth (unless they are "craze lines"?) and on the tooth next to it. When I run my nail over it, yep. I feel that bad boy.

I don't remember doing any kind of activity where this would happen. I don't have pain there or anything, but I did read that these cracks can lead to root canals. Whoops... From what I can see/feel, the crack doesn't go up to my gums but stops maybe half-way. Any idea on what they might torture me with when I go in to see the big bad dentist?

I also have like 3000 cavities. None hurt, but I can see very small ones, only my molars on the bottoms and one tooth have brown in them. But my front teeth look back at me in the mirror and taunt me with little white spots. Two of them have little pothole looking cavities in them, not terribly big, but you know, big enough. And between one of my front teeth and the side tooth, there's a cavity there too.

I'm 20, and the last time I went in was around 2007 or 2008. Apparently I had 14 cavities. Fun! Most were "small" and I only have 1 filling currently.

What do you guys think I should expect? :c I'm honestly scared to death, and my appointment is Thursday at 8 am (it was the 20th of July, but I couldn't wait that long after seeing my new hairline cracks!)
Honestly, it seems to vary depending on the dentist. My first dentist seemed to jump at the chance to fill any tiny little groove, while my husband's dentist seems to take a more conservative approach w/ small cavities, like a "wait and watch" to see if it re-mineralizes.

If the work your dentist recommends seems extreme, try to get a 2nd opinion. I might have saved myself some $ and some time if I'd done that a few years ago.