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Hairline crack



Junior member
Feb 4, 2022
I was experiencing on/off pain in one of my molar teeth. It started about 12 weeks ago when I noticed a mental taste in my mouth that lasted 2 days and haven’t had since. But a few week later I started to experience a on/ off pain. It’s hard to describe it wasn’t a shooting pain but more so a throbbing one. I bought an emergency appointment and told the dentist my symptoms and she checked and did X-rays but told me everything was fine. So I went on my way thinking nothing of it and it seemed I hardly experience that throbbing pain since. Just now and again. But yesterday 6 weeks after the emergency appointment I had a dental check up. This other dentist said she saw I came in for an emergency appointment. And while checking my teeth said she saw an “hairline crack” on one of my molars. I instantly started panicking and asked her what was that? And what are the best options. She said she could drill down my top tooth that bites on the hairline affected molar and make me a nightguard ( which I have to wait 2 weeks for ) or have a crown. I asked her whatever she thought was best I would do. She told me a crown will kill off the tooth and to file down the top tooth and make an nightguard. I’ve now left the dentist and for the past 24 hours all I have been doing it researching hairline cracks and I’m panicking and have sooo much anxiety. I keep seeing websites saying the crack will break the tooth and it will have to be taken out and that’s my worse fear. I honestly don’t know what to do. And now I know I have a crack in my tooth I’m constantly thinking about it and the pain has returned. Please help. Are hairline cracks serious? And what would you do if you were me? Thanks in advance x
Hopefully a dentist will answer too.

I had a crown put on a cracked tooth and I still have pain. Don't be scared to get a second opinion, especially since saving your tooth is your top priority.
@superjen thanks for replying. Was your crack a hairline one? Or more serious? X
Did you get the tooth filed down and a nightguard?
@geos yes the top tooth that bites against the damaged one. They are making me the night guard now. I have to wait 2 weeks for it. But I think I will make another appointment on Monday and asked if they could use bonding to bond the tooth. I don’t want to leave it until it’s cracks further.
@beckyriri hi, I'm having the same issues. I'm having a crack on my lower right second premolar. My dentist did the bite test and it seems to be one of the cusp that's having pain upon releasing. She file down on that tooth to release by bite and told me to monitor it and if it doesn't get better, I'll need to go back for a crown. Have your been resolved?
@superjen that's my concern too.. My dentist told me if the pain upon biting doesn't go away after putting a crown, I'll need to get a root canal.