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Hairline fracture in front teeth



Junior member
Jul 19, 2010
my two front teeth top row have cracks in them.
my left front has one right in the middle and my right front has one at the right hand side which im positive is getting bigger.

im very petrified of losing my teeth at the front which people can see and every now and then, my right front tooth tingles and occasonally nips so i am very cautious not to eat anything hard or knocking the teeth.

i have expressed my concern to my dentists (i have had 2 during the time of these cracks over the past couple fo years) and they say its normal but i have never seen anyone with these sorts of cracks and when i mention it to people, they say they do not have them.

is there any solutions to fix this or at least make them tougher to stop the cracks getting bigger?
I am in scotland and usually attend NHS dentists so unsure if any solutions can be found here.

thank you.
I have them too, and I was wondering about it as well. My denitst never said anything about it, but I still keep wondering and get paranoid. If they're not getting bigger, maybe we should both stop worrying? :cheers:
i have one too, and it's completely normal and normally they can just be left with no adverse effects whatsoever (which i presume is the case with you as your dentist isn't concerned). i think most people tell you they don't have them because they've never actually looked at their teeth that closely!! i didn't notice mine until some dental negligence on two back teeth made me become hyper-aware of all of my teeth.
I have one too, I was concerned and actually went to my dentist about it. Apparently it's normal and you don't need to worry unless it starts to look dark in colour which could mean decay has started to occur.
Hope that helps put your mind at rest a little.:XXLhug: