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Hairline fracture



Well-known member
Dec 22, 2011
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
My dentist discovered what she thinks to be a hairline fracture on a tooth with root canal treatment while reviewing X-rays. The fracture is below the gum, so the only solution would be to go for extraction. When she did the other tests, biting, percussion and cold test, nothing triggered a reaction. She also said she didn’t notice gum irritation or any visual sign that something is wrong other than the x-ray. With all this, she prefers to wait and see before extraction.

I was wondering a few things I didn’t think to ask.
1. Since the tooth had root canal therapy, does that mean any pain I would get should be minimal? Out of curiosity, would it mostly be the ligaments holding the tooth that would experience the pain?
2. I started recently to take a medication on which I should not take opioids or narcotics. If I ever experience increased pain, would my dentist be able to prescribe something to help or I would be limited to over the counter solutions? They didn’t ask me to update my health status / medication this time, so I wasn’t thinking of it.
1) Yes, pretty much that. Unless/until bacteria made their way down the roots into the peri-apical space and set off an acute infection there.
2) Opioids are not usually effective for dental pain.
My dentist called me back and after verification it seems the limited classes of medication she is allowed to prescribe me will all interact with medication I take. I will see with a doctor to see what they can prescribe me.