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Half root canal and extraction or implant



Junior member
Dec 19, 2023
Dalton ga
Good morning
1. Scared of implant and extraction 57 age good health . Back tooth on bottom is being worked on Root canal yesterday. 20 years ago had jaw surgery for braces and overbite thinking that trauma caused calcium buildups

So good news and less positive news..
My endo got through half the root canal but took a while because of calcification . In the good news the crack was tiny compared to initial thoughts on crack .
However …
The other side of root was also calcification but initially on xray looked liked we had a way in but after he finished one side at it was very late like 700 he stopped and said let’s revisit and try again and set appt.
He was having a hard time seeing because my mouth is so tiny it was hard getting tools and his hands to turn etc…
I am discouraged and he said he will try other side but I could tell may not have any luck.
If so then i would need to extract and do any bone graft or implant

2. Success stories with implants ?

My dad had two that failed and he is 80

Also if I leave opening after extractions then it may be harder to do bone graft because of shrinkage .
Dr wasn’t even sure if enough bone was there to even do one .

My guy is is an endodontics.
Wish I had something helpful to say but I saw that you had no replies yet and thought I would at least say hello. Hopefully someone will chime in with something of use to you. I am also 57 and am actually getting ready to go to the dentist in a couple of hours to have some new pain checked out. I'm concerned that I may lose a tooth and face the same decision you are facing. It helps me sometimes to remind myself just how common these things are and that it's no big deal. At least that's what I try to tell myself. But having never had anything serious go wrong in my mouth before, I'm nervous that I may be facing a major problem now.

All you can do I guess is gather as much info and do as much research as you can before you make a decision. There's no guarantee of anything of course and experiences vary. It helps a lot also if you have a dentist you know, like and trust, and can ask him what he would do if it were his mouth. And remember, your dentist understands your particular situation in a way that no one on this forum can understand.

Best to you in this.
Thank you! Have you ever had a implant
Never had an implant. I was talking to my sister recently who did have one, and she was surprised at how long it takes before the entire procedure is complete. There are phases to it and it's complicated and may take up to a year to fully complete. The alternative is a bridge - which is much quicker, simpler, and cheaper. However, it doesn't last as long, and can strain the teeth around it. Which is best I guess depends on the individual. I have a friend who was planning on getting an implant but put it off and after a couple of years says he's just used to the missing tooth and it's not giving him any trouble. Each situation can be different I guess.
Hope your appt goes well today what are you having done
Hello @Flyhigh ,
The success of root canal treatment is in the 90s. This is all dependent on the anatomy (shape, curvature of roots, how many) and also the experience of the operator in doing root canal treatment. Has your endodontist mentioned whether he/she/they will be expecting a good outcome?

With regards to dental implants. The success rate is over 90% again but nothing lasts forever. The success is dependant on the experience of the operator, how much bone you have for the implant and patient moderators (smoker, oral hygiene, general health).
Considering you still have the tooth, I think not enough bone is not normally an issue and it is likely you will have a great outcome!

I would only consider the implant route if the root canal treatment is unsuccessful.

I hope that helps!
Thank you! Yes one half is calcified and if he can’t get through then it will have to be pulled . I hope he gets through