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Hard, white painless lump in gum



Junior member
Jan 23, 2012
Hello, I'm new to the forum and in desperate need of some advice. I have a white lump in my gum, I first noticed it abot a year and a half ago - I know, I have left it too long. I havent been to the dentist for 5 years, the thought of googling for a telephone number filled me with dread, but i bit the bullet and called for an appointment which is on wednesday.
Anyhow, the lump - as I said isnt painful but has become more noticable, on the floor of my mouth I have noticed tiny white spots / lumps appear. I am terrified and lay in bed at night thinking I wont see next christmas with my kids, telling myself off for being a coward and making up excuses as to why I dont need to go to the dentist. My biggest fear is malignancy :( I used to smoke, I gave up 6 years ago, I dont drink heavily but havent seen the dentist in ages and have gum disease.
Please help - does anyone have a clue?
Hi Lisa

I'd have a look on google for mandibular tori... think that sounds like the most likely cause, but I'm sure folks with more knowledge than me will be around soon. The google results may be a bit bigger than your own, but they will be in the same place I suspect.

I've got these m.t. and when I first noticed them I felt the same as you. If that's what you've got, they are harmless and may be caused by tooth grinding and clenching, especially when you're sleeping - if so, I'd get a nightguard a.s.a.p.

Hope this helps a bit and good luck with your appointment on Wednesday.

Thank you so much for your reply Mary, I do clench my teeth without realising especially at night, so it could well be this, you have put my mind at ease a little, I am having to make myself not ring the dentist to cancel the appointment, I know if I leave it I will just be terrified about what is going on.