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Harpenden, Hertfordshire



Mar 25, 2011
Hitchin, Hertfordshire ENGLAND
I have at last found a dentist I feel happy with

Michael Steeden of Hitchin Dental which is behind Sainsbury's is so understanding. He was happy to take his time yesterday when he had to remove a tooth and would stop when I asked even one time noticing that I needed a break. He wasn't stressed or worried that he was running late I was the only person that mattered.

As well as my fear I have a bad gag reflex and when doing X-Rays he is really quick and trys to find ways to help settle it down.

After years of trying to avoid the dentist I now feel OK about going for my check up. I am a person to Michael not a set of teeth. In fact I feel so happy with him I am even telling him the reason behind my phobia. :)
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Thanks you very much for your recommendation :)!

Here are the current contact details for Michael:

He has also undertaken extensive additional training since this review was first posted, in the fields of endodontics and aesthetics.

From the website: "Michael is a firm believer that dentistry is NOT scary, his friendly and relaxed manner will put you at ease. He is more than happy managing anxious patients, and is excellent at guiding you through your treatment options and every stage of treatment."