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has anyone been to guys dental clinic?



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May 7, 2010
Just wondered if anyone has any experience of visiting guys for dental problems?

Im going monday to have all my teeth assesed after a year of pain with various teeth and not sure what will happen?

Dentist thinks its nerves, im not convinced as its every tooth that has been messed with in the last year.

hello, i saw the oral surgeon from GUYS hospital - his name is Shari Shari, he is magnificent !!! he came to my dentists in welling in kent, gave me IV sedation and took 2 of my rotten teeth out that had an abcess under. his manner is so calming, gentle, and reassuring, he did wonders on me ! good luck at Guys - you will be fine, they are the best ! :grouphug:
thank you for your reply, i am seeing a dr banarjee and hoping he can work miracles after my year of living this teeth nightmare

Thank you
Good Luck...:) xx
thanks sue, im so nervous..

In the dog house at home as we were suppose to be out with freinds for meal tonight but the thought of sitting there eating soup while they all tuck into steak really didnt excite me too much. esp in this cold as teeth have been on fire today, other people just dont understand do they?
Kids been running rings round me all day and i know ive been a cow but what am i spose to do with throbbing toothache all day???
No unfortunately nobody truly understands until they go though it themselves, but obviously there are a lot of people out there on the site who have experienced the mental symptoms we are going through and this makes me feel less like a hypochondriac. I NEVER REALISED in my case ill fitting teeth could bring such misery, and little did I know how hard it was to get an understanding dentist to put it right:cry:

I know as many others do how you feel so try not to beat yourself up about it. Kids are a lot more adaptable than we realise and soon bounce back.... upset one minute forgotten the next. Just tell them mummy's teeth hurt lots at the moment and it is making her a bit grumpy...I am sure they will understand....esp when you tell them father Christmas is watching a has an extra present in sleigh for their stocking for being so understanding ;) and Men will be men, it is easy for them they can shut their feelings down unlike us.
Hugs Sue x