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Has anyone done wisdom tooth removal with a combination of nitrous oxide and oral sedation?



Junior member
Oct 1, 2020
If you guys haven't seen my previous, I'm more than likely not gonna be able to go through with the IV sedation due to fears of not waking up and might just do two at a time (hopefully the bottoms first so I don't have to worry as much later).

I just wanted to learn about your guys' experience of being orally sedated with local injections, nitrous oxide with local injections, or all three in conjunction.
I have had inhalation sedation and IV sedation, and I much preferred IV. Inhalation was okay, I never felt the local injections and felt quite 'remote' from what was going on, quite relaxed about everything. Recovery time was quite quick, about 30 minutes before I was able to travel home. With IV, I remembered very little about what was happening, although I was able to cooperate fully with the dentist and her assistant, and never felt a thing. Recovery was longer, and I needed someone to take me home and be with me for a few hours.