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Has anyone else had partial boney impacted wisdom teeth removed?



Well-known member
Oct 3, 2010
If so I would be interested in hearing your experience. Both of my bottom ones are partial boney impactions requiring some bone removal and I am wondering what to expect. Mine are erupted and you can see them but they are so far back they are kind of under the jaw bone. I don't hardly ever seen anyone else with this on here.
I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. The OS classified them as partial bony impaction. They all 4 were through the gums. The bottom 2 were like you described being way in the back against my jawbone. They did remove a bit of bone to make them easier to extract. The OS told me afterwards the extraction was difficult but no issues with recovery so far. I am 37 so he expected that the extractions would be a bit more difficult.
I had my two lower wisdom teeth out and both partial bony, they had to remove some jaw bone to get them out. One side had stitches and was apparently the most tricky. I did have quite a bit of bruising (cheeks and neck, not painful) but it really was OK, don't worry :) unfortunately I got dry socket but before that I hardly had any pain at all! Its so worth it! Good luck :)
Did you every get them taken out?