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Has anyone else's crown or dental work shifted their teeth



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Jul 9, 2022
I have a dental implant. When my dentist put a crown on it, it got stuck between my teeth. He pulled and pulled and it wouldn't come out. He temporarily attatched it, and it painfully shifted my teeth over a week. At first I couldn't floss around it, then I could, and I had white gums around it for five days . After a week I went back and he screwed it down some more and permanently attatched it. I have a super tight fitting bite on my front teeth which always gets lots of attention, and right next to the crown, a rotated lower canine that uncomfortably slots between my upper incisor and canine, which is uncomfortable and pressured feeling. This has felt worse since my teeth were shifted by my crown. Also my ability to bite things off with my front teeth was reduced. I went to a prosthodontist for a second opinion on my crown, and told him the whole story, and he said my crown seemed ok to him, and what happened with it getting stuck and shifting my teeeth was "not idea" but something that happens. He even said he would be OK with having the crown in his own mouth. He said even if a crown shifted your teeth as much as the width of a hair, one could feel that. He also said I must be a very sensitive person. I also have been having sore gums around my upper teeth that interact with the crown (which is lower). I was told by the hygienist this is caused by gaps between those teeth being large and food getting in them, I never had this gum issue in that area before having the crown. I can't believe this is considered normal that crowns shift your teeth and get stuck. Has anyone else had an experience where a crown or other dental work shifted their teeth?