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Has anyone ever had teeth splinted?



Sep 20, 2019
New York
Just wondering what this is? Dentist told me my two bottom teeth will need to be splinted because one is loose.
Hi Tracey,

never had it myself but it means your dentist will put a piece of metal on the back side of your teeth so that the tooth won‘t be able to move. I saw this on a girl who had an accident and her teeth were mobile. The metal allowed the teeth to stay fixated until they recovered and got firm again. Anyway, it might be a good idea to ask your dentist before you get the treatment, it is important to know exactly what will get done.

All the best wishes
Thank you I definitely will. I go tomorrow to get my stitches out from my extraction so I will ask him.
I have one patient that I splinted all 6 of her lower front teeth via a Maryland bridge lab fabricated splint. This was a solid 20+ years ago. She still has all 6 teeth and the splint is holding. She does come in every 3 months and keeps it clean.
How it is put in?
I have just come back from dentist and my front bottom teeth are loose so he said he was going to put a splinter on , what I have it looks like white tape across the teeth and he did say he had used adhesive as well .
Hi Tracy didn't realise it was you who asked about the splinter . You replied to me last night as I was really scared going to have extractions today . It went ok and so glad I had sedation , it was not as bad as I imagined and I was only in chair 2 hours instead of the four hours as they predicted .
That’s great. I’m happy to hear you are done and now on your way to recovery. Each day gets better.
You had splinting? Was it painful?
To be honest I was under sedation so didn't feel anything at all .i think it isa splint of course it's only temporary till my teeth are removed in 2 weeks