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Has anyone ever had

Mikey Boy

Mikey Boy

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Dec 4, 2009
Dental work done at school or college before I'm thinking about trying it but just wanted to know if anyone else ever done it
If you're talking about dental schools, then I am. I'm part of the way through the process of getting an implant done at my local one. I have completed all the surgery (done by a grad student (and a bit by the wandering profs)), and in a month it will be time to check on the implant and get a crown.
Oh okay cool yeah I'm I'm thinking about having work done at one of my local medical schools so I just wanted to know what it was like thank you
Some differences that I have noticed between the dental school and my outside dentist:
Sometimes, there are profs hovering next to your student.
You may hear more of the decision-making process than you anticipated.
Things may take longer due to the prof checking everything over and demonstrating techniques to your student.
It took a few months to get in, but once in, scheduling was prompt.
They have an anesthiology department.
Oh ok cool I'm fine with i mean I need to save any money any way I can so I'm thinking this might be it it'll take me a few months to get in based on what my friend said but she thinks she can get me in so I'm excited
When you do get in, you may run into a situation where your student runs away from you. You haven't scared him off, he just wants to grab a prof (or someone who knows how to work the computer).

I had that happen when I surprised my student. He wasn't expecting to see me for another three months (he could have checked his schedule that morning and seen that I would be in), but after the clinic called him in, I told him what the problem was ("I have a hole in my gums"), he agreed that there was a hole, gently prodded the area, then ran off to find the prof (a few metres away, at the other end of the small clinic).

On another occasion, he needed to enter stuff into the computer, and didn't know how.

He never needed to run out to grab equipment, but that was due to the layout of where I was and that most of the time, everything needed was already nearby.
Have you ever had a time Where the Student wasn't there and the professor was one that had to do the work or or was he like right there the whole time and was constantly standing over u and what was that like
There were two occasions where my student wasn't there but a prof was. The first was my screening appointment, where the prof looked at my x-rays, took a quick glance in my mouth, and decided how advanced a student I should be assigned. The second was for a few seconds during a post-op appointment that was double booked. My student had just left for the other patient, and the prof stayed a moment to tell me that he thought the suture my student left in should be removed, and that he would ensure that my student was gentle. At which point he left to drag my student back in. (And the prof took the assistant's place for the removal of that suture, directing my student's every movement)

Everything else that profs did to me was done with my student present.

The profs weren't constantly hovering, it depended upon what my student was doing. Placing the implant itself, one was there the entire time and stepped in a couple times. Initial consultation, one stepped in for a quick check of the state of my jaw. The two post-ops had a fair prof presence, but they needed to confirm that all was healing well.

During parts that my student should be able to handle on his own, profs would occasionally check in on him, but not hover.
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Oh ok so it wasn't like they were always there But that sounds better did you keep the same student since you've been there and how much money do you pay the school
So far, I have only seen one student. In a month, I expect that I'll be sent off to the next stage: getting the crown. I'll be seeing someone else during that process, and I'm not sure if my student will be coming with me.

As for what I've paid, my quote was mainly for materials and hardware. If all goes well, I'll have paid considerably less than that, mainly because it was decided after it was made that I wouldn't need a bone graft.
Oh okay so you basically paid considerably less than you would at a regular dentist right because I've been looking for something like that where I don't have to pay a whole lot I can get the work done now I know it'll still be where ill have to pay a good amount but not as much as at a regular dentist right