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Has anyone had a gum biopsy, is the procedure painful, I am scared! :(



Junior member
May 9, 2017
I have had an area of swelling of gum in area of tooth number 30, which is also a dental implant, no pain at all, for about 2 months, since covid epidemic and I had no pain, I decided to try to wait it out until dentist called me in for cleaning that was rescheduled do to the covid, I am able to chew, brush, floss, and have no pain or discomfort in area at all. A couple weeks ago started experiencing foul taste coming from area, called dentist, took me right in, he did x rays, he said implant looks perfect, no issues with implant and nothing abnormal showing up on xray. He numbed area and cleaned gum out, told me I had no plaque in the area of surrounding teeth at all, my last cleaning was last September, gave me rx of oral antibiotics and mouthwash, I finished the oral, still using the mouth rinse. I went back for follow up last week, no change in gum, and he did panoramic x rays, no abnormalities showed up, had a dental cleaning, I take very good care of my teeth, no dental issues at all. He referred me to oral surgeon for gum biopsy, I am petrified, does this procedure hurt during or afterwards?


Super Moderator
Staff member
Sep 18, 2017
Hi there,

never had gum biopsy myself, but common sense tells me it can't be that much different than any other procedure that involves cutting gums in a way or other. My image of it is that they numb you up - as your dentist did for the cleaning of the gum and you won't feel anything. For afterwards - mouth regenerates really quickly, just think of burning your mouth with a hot beverage or biting into your cheek - those are things that don't cause much pain afterwards.
I am sure your surgeon wouldn't mind if you gave them a call and asked for details about the procedure to find out what to expect, if that gives you some peace of mind.

All the best wishes