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Has anyone had this experience with wisdom teeth not being cleaned



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Jul 9, 2022
This year I am having to have all my wisdom teeth removed. I had two partially impacted bottom ones and two fully errupted top ones. The reason I had to have them removed was because of gum infections and gum problems next to the impacted bottom ones, and then the upper removed to prevent super eruption.

I go in for a cleaning at the dentist every six months, and I have noticed that during the cleaning my bottom wisdom teeth aren't cleaned or touched, they would be skipped. The upper ones would get a very cursory cleaning, like one scrape of the tool. My lower ones actually have never been professionally cleaned. I came to suspect that my gum problems were caused by this lack of cleaning, and when I posted about this in the ask a dentist forum, Gordon agreed.

I was wondering if anyone else has an experience with wisdom teeth not being cleaned, or being cleaned? If you are willing to share your experience, please can you also share what country you are in? Gordon thought what I have experienced may be a usa practice.

I feel really bad about this situation, like I may have been set up to be forced to have them removed needlessly.
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Oof the dentist I went to didn’t even look in my mouth yet; asked if I still had my wisdom teeth. I said yes, and she immediately wrote me a referral to an oral surgeon to have them removed. Just because she thought it was weird I still had all of them 🙄 they seem to be okay. One of my top ones looks a little weird on the side. The dentist said nothing about it. The hygienist when I asked said she thinks it may be a cavity. It doesn’t look or feel like one though so I don’t know if that’s accurate. I think it’s hypoplasia though. She didn’t look at the tooth itself just a quick glance of the xray. I too have partially but mostly out ones on the bottom and fully out ones on the top
@HighViolet10 It makes me feel really bad the dentist would just refer you to have them removed without even looking. That just doesn't seem right, I think it's likely this dentist just tells everyone to have their wisdom teeth removed. I think its just the USA custom, which isn't done in the UK of preventative removal, I have seen a lot of people being surprised either that I had them or that I hadn't had them removed. If yours are OK, you could always consider asking that they be thoroughly cleaned at cleanings, which I should have done, but was always too shy to do.