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has anyone had Valium and Nitrous Oxide together for fillings?



Junior member
Dec 21, 2010
Has anyone had Valium (oral tablet) plus Nitrous Oxide (gas) together for a filling? Did they work together? Did it make you nauseous or was it OK?
Please respond. The appt. is at 2 p.m. today.:cry:
I'm probably too late, but I had that combo for a root canal- it worked fine. I'm not a big fan of Valium, but it didn't make me sick, just kinda grumpy as it wore off. I prefer Halcion which is shorter acting and makes me sleepy instead of silly......
Last time I had a root canal I had 10 mg. Diazepam, 70/30 Nitrous to air mix, and shots of whatever they wanted to give me. I told them "I'm leaving here, going home, and I have off from work tomorrow, make me as numb and as high as you can please." They obliged, and I was fine. I remember what they did, but the mixture of the valium and the novocane worked in conjunction to keep me calm and very numb. I have another appointment today and will do the same.