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has anyone tried it???

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May 31, 2008
Hi all,

I have just been told about a diy tooth filler thats available from most supermarkets and chemists. There are a few available like toofy pegs, dentanurse etc. I am wondering if anyone has tried these and what their experiences are. I have just bought toofy pegs for £4.99 from ebay, cant wait to try it to fill in my front tooth before my wedding!!!:cloud9::cloud9:
Many many years ago I did try some of the DIY temporary fillers available, can't remember now the name of them but remember I didnt find it easy and it didn't therefore do the job because of that. However bear in mind these are only temporary until you can get to a dentist, not instead. I imagine you are a bit nervous of the dentist, hence your posting on this site, but I do urge you, especially as you have your big day coming up, please please do make an appointment and get your teeth seen to professionally. If its nerves that's stopping you, I know it can be hard but so many of us here have thought it impossible to get ourselves to sit in the dentist chair for just one filling let alone root canals or anything else and yet loads of us have been able to do it with the help and support of others on this site and proudly come back and been able to say, I did it. No treatment needs to carry any pain with it today and if you find the right dentist who is understanding of your nerves as well as being good at their craft, it can work wonders.
Hi Kayleigh and welcome. I'd agree with SS - in fact when I had holes in my teeth I didn't even know these DIY things existed but if I had, even with my extreme fear of the dentists', I'd have figured out that sealing rot in might make a problem escalate fast - so it wouldn't have tempted me, must admit. Also I wouldn't risk spoiling my big day (or honeymoon) with toothache because let's be honest, it tends to strike at the most inconvenient times possible! So as SS says, find yourself a good dentist (maybe your area is covered by the recommendations here?), arm yourself with info so you go to that first appointment feeling in charge - and give yourself the best wedding gift ever. A nice smile!

Oh and :XXLhug:
Hi I used some temporary filling one time and one time only because I put it where some filling had broken off and about 5 min after I used it I was in EXTREME:opain.I don't know if that would happen to you but just giving my experience with it.