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Has my filling been done incorrect?



Junior member
Mar 2, 2022
I went to the dentist on the 22nd feb and had two white interproximal composite fillings done and now I have a gap between the teeth one side looks dark and also looks like you can see the filling, the gap wasn’t there before and it’s causing discomfort when biting down i went back yesterday for another filling and I spoke to my dentist about this and she adjusted the bite but didn’t saying anything about the fact you can see the filling between the teeth. I’m still having the same discomfort and also getting a horrid taste/smell coming from there, I now have a fear of going back to her incase she makes it worse or doesn’t do anything at all what should I do?


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Go back and ask her to check it again? Make sure that you ask her to explain what you're feeling from the area.