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Has My Filling Failed? Panicking



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Sep 25, 2019
I have about 10 fillings in my mouth doing to past poor care of my teeth. 5 years ago i got some done and I hoped for thing to get better. Two years ago i ended up having to get more, bringing the total to the mentioned 10. Since then because of covid and being generally extremely broke I had not had checkups.

Today, while checking my teeth because some calculus fell from my front teeth, i noticed that my right lower molar, which previously had a filling that reached up to into the dentin, has now this very visible black spot/line on it.

Has my filling failed? Is it a cavity? I am honestly very scared, i cannot afford to go the dentist right now...

If the filling reached up to the dentin and it has to be removed, what are the chances that there is enough tooth for it to be replaced?

I am very scared right now...


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If this filling failed is it likely that the other 6 filings done in the same couple of weeks, by the same doctor will fail soon too?

I'm so scared
One of the 6 fillings i got togheter with the one that is looking like it's failing was so deep that the doctor said that it could not be refilled and would need a root canal if it ever failed...

I'm so scared, it feels like my mouth is ruined, and despite doing everything i can to keep it clean i keep getting so much calculus and things keep failing... i'm at a total of 10 fillings in my mouth and probably i will soon get more and i will soon need root canals and crowns and i can't afford any of those...
I'm still panicking about this, I'm so afraid of how many fillings will have to replaced. OF how many new caries will have to be filled. 2 years ago when i last saw a dentist they had 9 more spots "under control" as there was some initial decay, and despite me trying to take as much care of my teeth as possible i can see so much calculus on them... I'm so scared my mouth is forever ruined.

I just want to live my life happily but my teeth are so gross and expensive to mantain. They keep failing and failing. I have no idea how to live with them

I brush twice a day. I try. Maybe i miss a day here and there where i only brush once, but 95% of my days i brush twise. Maybe I had let go a bit of flossing, but it's not like i never did it? And while i never not-snack, i try to keep my meals to just twice a days for the most part. My oral hygiene isn't perfect, but it has immensly improved from 5 years ago. And things... keep... getting... worse...

I just feel i'll have to have teeth removed very early, and my mouth will always be gross and ugly
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@ElaineW93 hi Elaine, I’m not a dentist so I can’t help with that aspect but just wanted to comment and say I totally understand your anxiety.

I get the exact same way. I worry that fixing my teeth now won’t matter either and they will just get worse until they’re removed at a young age. It is so hard not to obsess over it. I wish you the best and I hope you’re able to get an appointment soon to ease your worries.
@IZZYBELLY2 It's sad because I already spent so much money on getting my fillings 5 years ago, and now it feels like everything is failing Again...
That's a very small filling. It'll be simple enough to replace. Given that it's composite it might be that something has gone wrong during the bonding in process, it's a very tricky and technique sensitive process and can fail occasionally. Doesn't mean that it's poorly done or that the rest of them will fail.
Just get it redone when you can.