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Haslemere, Surrey



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Justin Toal
Godstone Dental Practice
24 High Street, Godstone, Surrey. RH9 8AG.
Telephone number: 01883 744297.

"Justin's helped me through a lot that’s gone on in my past and pointing me in the right direction... He's been great – and a real catalyst in my – well – I suppose you’d call it my recovery! ... Myself and my partner would recommend him to anyone, especially if they’re of a nervous disposition, as he has the patience of a saint. I do sometimes feel that he must wonder who on earth he's accepted onto his list with me, but ever the professional, he never shows any sort of loss of patience, bless him!

He's a happy soul, and as I said, very patient. Irish with a lovely sense of humour! He seems to know instinctively when to be serious and when to use humour. We wouldn't see anyone else now.

Please add him, there must be others out there that have been through the same as me - his encouragement has helped me no end."


Junior member
Aug 24, 2010
Re: Godstone, Surrey

Following this recommendation I went along to the practice and I have to say congratulations to the whole practice. I was treated so well, listened to and have now had a number of appointments and got things sorted. I cannot praise the staff high enough.