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hate my teeth scared for neede work an infections



Jul 19, 2016

im trying to fix my teeth for years but i partly failed and problems keep getting back im getting near crazy of it

in summer 2016 i did go after two years of abscene 5 cavities were there i got treated 2 , that dentist wont got me numb so the fear incrased even when they told me that the other 3 maybe needed root canal , i chickend out , they couldent numb my filling then root canal would be hell and i had no money at that point , i looked up google and i found a laser dentist ,no dril no pain sounded good even it was 150 kilomter away went there but the cavity was too big to treat in one sitting for me so i went back a few months later to get the thing fixed, no root canal was needed , but the clinic was over full you needed to wait for months for a next apointment and then i got sick and the next time i had back pain like hell i couldnt walk almost for days , i broke 2 teeth (one of that traumatic filling that fell out and the other one of one of that cavities) i called in but they didnt see it as an emergency so i needed to wait even went to a another dentist but he also dont see the emergency and the dentist didnt understood my fear , finally i went to that dentist he said one of the broken teeth and a cavity maybe need root canal and since the clinic wass still full i couldnt make the apointment soon and there was a chance i will get sick again because i have ME/Fautige syndrome and i am sick a lot and then i could not make that long train/bus ride , so he advised me to seek a local dentist with the damn drill i dicded to took his advice called 14 offices no one takes new patients of dont fearful patients , the 15th one did accept me , and i went in today with my consulser , the fear is so bad im suicidal so counseling go with me to the dentist.

and i went today, they were so freindly so that was good , i gagged at the xrays like always then the assistent said they had a very good panoramic x ray instead of that stupid bitewing , and the xray was very clear , other panoramic x rays where very unclaear and they dont give a 100 % accurate diagnoses (like the maybe root canals from 2016)

-Broken left molar (the one that couldent get numb in 2016 : Root canal + filling (very maybe a crown)
-Filled upper right premolar wich dident needed root canal just a filling still fucked up the nerve so it will need root canal
-Another upper Right premolar (that maybe root canal one) is now for sure a root canal
-one front teeth just a cavity (small chance root canal)
-The worst one : right upper molar the x ray show a minor crack in the nerve chamber below the gum so the root canal will likely fail so extraction is suggested :( but i could try if want , he said i can also wait because there is not a very serious infection and no pain ,only a minor dot on the xray and i could stil chew with the remainig part)

The concerns:
- I scared for the root canal that it will hurt and for the molar one that its takes so long like an hour its scarry what if i freak out after 30 minutes, what to do then? can i finish it later? i could use some support for the root canals.
-the x ray show root canal neede roots but no serious infection only a light inflamation it doesnt hurt , the dentist and the counseleur said that going to fast cost me too much energy (me/Fautige syndrome) and stress and could mean getting me in the (mental) hospital or it will trigger more sucidal toughts if go to fast with this and i far from ready from an extraction , but on the internet i read stories that tooth problems could cause brain infection so i am scared of getting that before iam finshed . i am planning to to like 1 Rct every around 6 weeks or so
-Is there any way to increase my chances of saving that bad molar? some specialist treatments like that? or second opinion?
-The dentist say i can miss that molar (1st upper right molar) i could even miss some more and i dont need implant , can i still chew good then? i cant afford implants

also i feel very bad that 2 teeth wich i got filled and faced me fear for it ended up still needing a damn root canal it feels so unfair!!!

Insurance status:
Fillings and pull teeth : Full cover
Root canal : Euro 100-150 Co pay , No yearly limit
Crown : No coverage cost like 500
Bridge or implant: cost like 1500 and not coveerd
co pays for RCT and a possible crown i can get the money for but i could not for an implant or bridge

its a long story but i wanted to tell everything
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Well first off I say to just say, wow just great job on being courageous and really stepping out and trying to organize and calling around to all these places , and also really trying to find someone that understands dental fear and anxiety is just so prime!! It makes so much difference. Finding somewhere to take you and getting your counselor to go with. This all takes much effort and shows how serious you are abuot caring for yourself and your teeth no matter what the challenges or fear!

I'm glad they were kind to you today. What I can tell you is I've had many root canals and the last one I got from a specialist for the first time, usually were done by my general dentist. I was scared of specialists not knowing them. but.. honestly. He was very carely wtih the shot and I din't barely feel it.. and the procedure was so boring I nearly fell asleep.. I had absolutely no complications and only ibuprophen needed for maybe the first night for slight discomfort. As long as they are good with giving you enough anesthetic, you shouldn't feel a thing , if you do let them know and theyll give you more. and hope they will be very kind and patient.. They are very expensive.. actually I need to do another one soon too.. was just waiting for my insurance to kick in again and well. its a new year.. so I will do one too.

You will feel better after you have the root canal and then can build some momentum for other things .

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