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Have a full mouth extraction tomorrow with only local anesthetic!



Junior member
Sep 9, 2021
I have OHP, which is like a Medicare for Oregon and my insurance doesn't cover anything other than local anesthetic for this procedure. It's happening at 9:45 in the morning and I'm not really sure what to expect. Will it be painful? Will I remember everything? I'm really scared of the dentist, they just give me awful anxiety. I should have taken better care of my mouth, but that's not here or there, what does matter is tomorrow I'll be very much aware of them pulling every whole tooth (all like 8 of them) and then every broken tooth in my mouth will be cut into and scraped out while I'm fully conscious. Is this really how things are going to work? I might die just from the thought of seeing this. Can anyone help me before I go in tomorrow?
1) Better not be. If it is complain loudly.
2) Yes.
3) No cutting involved, just a bit of pressure and a few weird noises. I'm pretty certain you'll have gone through much worse things in your life.
They only did the upper but there was cutting and sutures involved. They had to cut then break my teeth, then remove the roots and sew everything shut. The process itself wasn't painful, but the 18 shots to the upper was a real kick to the mouth, esp the series of shots to the roots of my teeth, yuuuuck