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Have a teeth cleaning coming up



Junior member
Oct 6, 2016
Hello my name is Chris i have a teeth cleaning coming up and have to have x rays/bite wings at that appointment. I unfortunately have anxiety to the point of not being able to sleep the night before my appointment yesterday at the dentist office. I have used chloraseptic sore throat spray in the past and it has worked
Yesterday was the first time I had been to the dentist since May of 2020 and the dentist I had didn't seem to be convinced that I brushed my teeth on an everyday basis which is completely bs as I brush my teeth twice a day every day he seemed to think that I was just using mouthwash only.

He gave me toothpaste that is for sensitive teeth as I have a filling from a few years ago that I must have gotten something stuck in there as my tooth with that filling was sore to the point where I left my job early Wednesday night and I set up an appointment yesterday at my family dentist because of my tooth being sore.
Hi Chris,
You did really well getting in to the dentist after not going in since 2020, it can be really hard to get started again after a long break, so good for you! I'm sorry, I know that is so stressful. I have insomnia before dental appointments too, so I understand. I'm afraid I don't know a good way to get rid of insomnia. I have found there are somethings that can help with anxiety like yoga, excersize, box breathing, and using this forum, but nothing to get rid of insomnia, at least for me. I'm sorry the dentist didn't seem to believe you about brushing your teeth, it doesn't feel good when they don't believe you. I think that a lot of people don't tell dentists the truth, so it can be hard for them to tell when someone is being honest and when someone isn't. My dentist doesn't seem to believe me when I say I don't smoke (I am an ex smoker with heavily stained teeth) and I don't like it, but I think a lot of people lie to him about that, so I don't take it personally that he doesn't believe me. Hopefully at your next appointment you will feel a little more used to going to the dentist than you did at your appointment yesterday, so it might be a bit less stressful.