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Have an appointment with a new practice....


jim lg

Junior member
Aug 19, 2009
for a new patient cleaning and comprehensive examination. They very clearly and conspicuously state on their web site that have laughing gas for the anxious like me. When I made my appointment, they wouldn't agree to use it, that "the Doctor will talk it over with you." Should I keep the appointment? Already there's a trust issue for me. For me, much of my dental anxiety is the violation of my personal space. That's why I don't sit in the middle seat on an airplane and avoid crowed bars and concerts. Any thoughts?
@jim lg If this were my situation I would keep the appointment, because I would hope to talk to the doctor and be able to request the gas from them during the talk, and make a plan with them to have it when I wanted it. I think it is likely that you probably can't be having the gas while you are first having a discussion with the doctor, so you can give informed consent, but you could have it during the exam and cleaning if you wanted. Though I can't be sure, this seems likely to me. Also, if you talk with the doctor, and they said they weren't willing to give you the gas at the time you want it, you can always say thanks for your time, this isn't for me, and don't go any further with them.
It may not be safe to give gas to patients with some medical conditions, so there is no way that they would promise that to you over the phone and would insist that you speak to the dentist about your health first. Makes a lot of sense to me.