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Have to get a filling done tomorrow - TERRIFIED



Junior member
Apr 7, 2015
Norwich, Norfolk

It's been about a year since I've last posted. Some of you may remember me from my journal (where I had to get GA).

A year later, my teeth are still healthy, but I've been informed I need one filling at the front. I've attempted to get this done 4 times over the past month. Each time, I break down crying and the dentist can't do anything! It's a real problem. I'm just a kid, so my parents tried a last ditch attempt. Get the filling done tomorrow, or not go to summer camp this year. I go every other year with my best friend, it's always the time of my life. I CAN'T miss this due to my stupid phobia!

It's the needle part. I just can't take the thought of a needle in my sensitive gums. Dentist said it would be in for 5-6 seconds. That's TERRIFYING for me. And the DRILL, omg :cry:

Please help, I'm DESPERATE. I have to do this tomorrow. I've got no choice. HELP!! I'm crying just writing this, it's just too scary!!!!
First, I have a HORRIBLE needle phobia. And, please trust me when I say that dental injections are soooo much easier than any other. I was terrified the first time... Thought I would die from it, thought it would be agonizing. Most of the time I haven't felt it at all. And, once you're numb, you won't feel the drill at all either. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
They will or should numb your gums before they use the Novocain. It's very routine to do that with a gel here in the states.

As far as the sound of the drill? Bring your iPod and crank up the tunes!
So sorry you're so scared. I have to have regular blood tests as part of an ongoing health condition and they always hurt/freak me out as I'm not good with needles. Sometimes they are really rough, looking for a vein, and I'm left with a huge bruise,

Weirdly, I have found injections in my mouth much less painful than blood taken from my arm, have had a few fillings and the needles actually hardly hurt at all, one time I genuinely didn't even feel it! I think it's because the needle is so much thinner.

This may not help, but I found it easier if I didn't know when the injection was coming... I told the dentist not to tell me when they were about to do it, or count down, or say 'ready?' or anything. I just stuck my headphones in, turned up the music and let it happen. So by the time I felt it, it was over.

Once you're numb, the drilling is unpleasant but not painful. I focused on the lyrics and music and trying to keep my hands relaxed, not in a death grip on each other!!

Lastly, I know it may feel your parents are being harsh, but they just want you to keep your tooth. I didn't visit a dentist for about 5+ years in my twenties because of fear, even though my parents, and others, warned me I should... If I'd been sooner I may have saved the tooth I'm now having removed :( so I know it's really hard and really scary but you will survive and your teeth will thank you, I promise!!

good luck and I hope you get to enjoy camp! Overcoming your fear will make you stronger xx

P.S. I'm British and I ALWAYS wanted to go to an American summer camp. We watched that show 'Bug Juice' and were desperate to go ;))
I agree with JBKB. and the other poster BobRob. Also, let the dentist office know you are petrified of the needle and they will take steps to make it easier on you. I'm scared of needles too so I totally get that fear. Along with your iPod, bring a stuffed animal to hold on to while they are doing it. It helps me a ton.

Might not hurt to look into nitrous oxide. I can tell you that it helps me MASSIVELY with my needle phobia while getting work done. This website has a whole page about it, but since your'e underage you'll have to talk to your parents and the dentist about it to see if he can even do it.

Also, in agreement with JBKB, I wish my parents had forced me to go to the dentist in my early 20's because I wouldn't have such bad teeth that need so much fixing. I'm at 6 appointments so far in the last 2-ish years and I only have 1 left until my mouth is fully fixed. Would have been much easier if I had taken care of it 9-10 years ago.

You'll be alright! *hug*